Billion BIPAC SNMP Viewer SysLog Server Setup

There are two methods by which you can setup the SysLog daemon, you can use telnet or the console to access the Command Line Interface (CLI). Note – If you are running a software firewall on the PC, that you wish to run the SNMP Utility and Syslog Server on, you will need to open […]

Billon Router Commnads

The CLI command port a1 show will show the ADSL line statistics bridge set lantolanforwarding disable Will disable lan to lan bridge Other Commands bridge set lantolanforwarding disable port ethernet set p1vlanmember 0x03 port ethernet set p2vlanmember 0x03 port ethernet set p3vlanmember 0x04 port ethernet set p4vlanmember 0x08 port ethernet set vlan enabled ethernet add […]

O2 USB Modem Settings for Billion 7402GX

If you have one of the O2 USB Modem E160 then you can use it as a 3g fallover modem with the Billion 7402GX You will need the following firmware installed 5.53.s5 And these are the settings APN: Username: o2bb Password: password and PAP