If you are looking at the IAXy by Digium then the only way you can setup the box up is via linux or if you are using an asterisk server or Asterisk @ Home box then from one of those. There are several good things about it. If you are sending the unit to a […]

Fwd Config

Trunk Name: fwd-gw    PEER Details:  auth=md5  host=iax2.fwdnet.net  qualify=yes  secret=xxx  type=peer  username=xxx    USER Context: iaxfwd    USER Details:  auth=rsa  context=from-trunk  inkeys=freeworlddialup  type=user    Register String:[username]:[password]@iax2.fwdnet.net


1) Setup an extension with the GUI. This is very simple, however for these instructions I used 200    2) Setup a new Trunk with these details    Outboud Caller ID = Your Sip full Sipgate number including STD Code    Max channels = 1    Trunk Name = sipgate    Peer Details (Replace 1234 […]

sipura 3000 settings

In AMP add an extension (e.g. 200) to correspond to Line 1 on the SPA, ensure that port is 5060 and context is from-internal. Add a second extension (e.g. 280) for PSTN Line on SPA, ensure that port is 5061 and set context to from-pstn (disable voicemail & directory on this extension).     In Trunks […]

setting up sipgate with A@H

It seems that DTMF (touchtone) isn’t yet forwarded correctly by sipgate (i learned from another forum that they do plan on fixing it – after the voicemail maybe) It can receive both incoming and make outgoing   In AMP go to Trunks, Add SIP Trunk    Outbound Caller ID: "Your Name" <1234567>    Outgoing Settings […]

voicepulse connect configuration

By: Rob Terrell I spent hours figuring out how to add a trunk for voicepulse connect. The real trick was the outgoing trunk name. It looks mighty ugly in the interface because it’s so long, but it’s the only way to make it work in AAH (as it is now). Also, there doesn’t seem to […]