Inbound Routing (Freepbx)

If you have upgraded from freepbx 2.4 to freepbx 2.5 and now have problems with your inbound routing not working then read on. If you have callerid inbound routing for some of your calls you may have found that it has stopped working since upgrading to freepbx 2.5. After some testing this is because the […]

Returning VoiceMail Message Calls With One Button

Calling back a person that left you a voicemail is easy. When setting up VoiceMail for the extension, be sure to include callback=from-internal in the vm-options field in freePBX. Then, once you listen to a voicemail message, choose advanced options (3) and then option 2 to return the call.

FreePBX svn Update issue re: “faxexten”

If you are seeing this error I am getting an error upon running ./install_amp from a fresh svn source. It’s complaining about a non-existent MySQL column being addressed: Generating Configurations.conf.. Checking for PEAR DB..OK Checking for PEAR Console::Getopt..OK Checking for /etc/amportal.conf..OK Reading /etc/amportal.conf..OK Reading /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf..OK Connecting to database..OK SELECT extension, directdid, didalert, faxexten, faxemail, answer, […]

FreePBX : Custom Extensions

Put the following in the dial field of the custom extension:   SIP/trunk/number|timeout|rD(digits)   For example:   SIP/telasip-gw/1234567890|30|rD(ww2w110)   “r” is for generating the ring for the calling party and “D(digits)” are the digit to play (DTMF) to the called party before bridging the calls. It can be used to dial an extension. It’s nice […]