VR3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Console – the original in your face hands free kit

This VR3 Bluetooth Steering Wheel Console gives you up front hands free wireless chat-a-bility on your mobile phone for safety’s sake. Sure it may look ugly on your Jaguar, but on that ‘86 Geo? Not so much. $99.99.

 In many states, it’s the law: you mustn’t hold a cell phone while driving. And no matter what […]

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Recordable Photo Card – craft your own multimedia greetings card in the real world

It may be a little late for this Yule but this Recordable Photo Card is the perfect way to hit your target with some full on multimedia geekiness. Not only can you add your own cute photo, but also scribble a charming if illegible greeting in a crayon of your choice and record a little […]

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