New Online version of Monopoly uses google maps

Monopoly has so many incarnations at this point that you may think they can’t do anything new. Turns out they have some tricks up their sleeve. Monopoly is about to go online. On September 9, Hasbro will launch Monopoly City Streets, which is a live, worldwide version of the popular game.

Gmail knocked offline

Google‘s Gmail service has been knocked offline for much of the day in many places. Google says a “majority” of users were affected There were signs of troubles Monday, but it’s not clear whether they are related to the more severe outages that began Tuesday afternoon. Google Inc. said in a posting on its Web […]

Fault hits Google search service

Google’s search service has been hit by technical problems, with users unable to access search results. For a period on Saturday 31st January 2009 , all search results were flagged as potentially harmful, with users warned that the site “may harm your computer”. Users who clicked on their preferred search result were advised to pick […]

Goolge’s offline mail

Google has released its long awaited off line version of Gmail. Users can access the service by chosing the option in ‘settings’ and entering the Google labs section. The email box synchronizes with a computer’s hard drive and allows you to play with nearly all of Gmail’s usual tools become offline. Via [The Inquirer]

New Google Tools Determine if Your ISP Is Blocking BitTorrent

Next time you’re dealing with a dreadfully slow internet connection, you can ask Google what’s causing the trouble. The company announced a new open platform Wednesday called Measurement Lab, or M-Lab for short. As part of the initial launch, M-Lab includes three publicly accessible tools, including a tool called Glasnost that tests whether BitTorrent traffic […]

Android G2

Here they are: Alleged spy photos of the second generation Android cellphone, the thinner, shinier, and totally lickable T-Mobile G2 made by HTC. It has no keyboard and its back looks oh-so-soap-bar-smooth: Read more …… Via [GIZMODO]