Changing drive icons

Apply a different icon to different drives. Using an .inf file Using the registry XP and the registry… Icons for removable media   Using an .inf file Simply create a new textfile in the root of your drive, typing this text: [AUTORUN] Icon=”(path)\(name)” then rename the file to autorun.inf. You might put the icon in […]

Game Grip – turn your iPhone into a game console clone

Slot your iPhone or iTouch into the Game Grip and get that real console gaming feel, without all the hassle. Silicon sleeves, plastic hand dock, touchscreen accelerometer madness. What more do you need? $49.99. [Via Textually]

   Unique cord management system provides the ultimate versatility * Can be used with headphones/ear buds * […]

No! No! Hair Remover – hot heat has her hair hazed

The No! No! Hair Remover uses heat, otherwise known as ‘Thermicon technology’ in marketing speak, to sizzle the hairs and make them wither on the vine. Apparently the touch of the hot wire is enough to scare the little follicles right down to their furry little boots, at which point they […]

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy.Just Meet - online virtual reality telepresence meeting room for rent

Speak & Spell Emulator – relive your misspelt youth – The Speak & Spell emulator is…
HDD Silicone Case – protect your docked drives at all […]

Speak & Spell Emulator – relive your misspelt youth

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The Speak & Spell emulator is a fan-created, flash-based emulator of the iconic Texas Instruments spelling tutor, created from the original sound files. Whilst not fully functional it’s sure to help you wile away a bit of time as you stroll down memory lane. Just don’t […]

HDD Silicone Case – protect your docked drives at all times

This 3.5 inch HDD Silicone Case is designed to protect your dock-happy hard drives from knocks, scrapes and encounters with alien beings from Roswell, New Mexico. It’s stackable and looks functional, but we’re wondering whether the thing is really going to make your data safer or more enlightening. We think maybe […]

Return Icons to the Smaller Classic XP Size

Return Icons to the Smaller Classic XP Size 1. Right-click on a unused area of the desktop 2. Pick View 3. Select Classic Icons Even more interesting is this little shortcut… Hold the CTRL key and scroll up and down on your scrollwheel on you mouse. You can size the icons however you wish.