HDTV Pinball Machine Is Almost as Good as the Real Thing

Pinball machines are more or less a lost art, but one enthusiast really wants to bring them along for this whole “21st century” thing. Hence, the HDTV pinball machine. Constructed from one large HDTV and a smaller LCD monitor, this machine, called HyperPin, makes for a surprisingly convincing pinball experience. The trick is in the […]

LG intros power-sipping LH30FD LCD HDTVs in Korea

Not even a month after LG outed its 50PQ60D and 42PQ60D Xcanvas plasmas over in South Korea, the company has introduced a trio of LCD HDTVs in the nation as well. The LH30FD models, all part of the burgeoning Scarlet series, are all presumably equipped with 1080p panels, inbuilt speakers and other modern amenities. Read […]