LG may exit plasma TVs in weak economy

LG may be the next to discard plasma TVs, company vice president Lee Gyu-hong says. The executive has told Kyodo News that a sustained poor world economy would make it unprofitable to keep developing and selling the more expensive display technology. If no recovery seems likely, Lee estimates that plans to exit plasma would be […]

LG intros power-sipping LH30FD LCD HDTVs in Korea

Not even a month after LG outed its 50PQ60D and 42PQ60D Xcanvas plasmas over in South Korea, the company has introduced a trio of LCD HDTVs in the nation as well. The LH30FD models, all part of the burgeoning Scarlet series, are all presumably equipped with 1080p panels, inbuilt speakers and other modern amenities. Read […]

LG Watch Phone

Quite possibly the biggest buzz at CES so far has been about the LG Watch Phone, and no wonder — it fulfils every geek’s fantasy while still satisfying the cool quotient with its sleek styling and touchscreen interface. It looks quite intuitive, and the tempered glass on the surface works as a capacitive touchscreen, making […]