USB Fairy Lights – add a little twinkle to your cubicle.

Just in time for [insert holiday here], these USB fairy lights will liven up any drudge-filled corner of meatspace. They’re 183mm long, don’t require drivers and work on PC or Mac, and I’d be willing to bet they’d work on Linux too. How much more class could you want for […]

Assault Cube – free open source first person shooter game

Assault Cube is a free Creative Commons licensed first person shooter game. It’s multi-platform (Mac, Linux and Windoze), very small and can be played multi-player over a 56k dial-up modem. You can even run it on an ancient Pentium 3 machine. Nice to see someone thinking of the cave-dwellers amongst us, eh?

 AssaultCube, formerly […]

Cron Tab

Cron can appear to be challenging at first, but with the proper help, you will find it easy and very helpful to automate tasks on your website. Cron is simply a way to run any program/script on your web hosted account once a day, once a week, once a month, every Tuesday and Thursday, etc. […]

Ubuntu allowing root logins

In Ubuntu, you can change the root password or activate the root account with this command : sudo passwd root But still GDM will not allow you to log on as root in the GUI. If you still want to do it (bad idea), you have to allow “root login” (or something similar) in “gdmsetup” […]

Change Booting Kernel

If you have ran a yum update -y on you asterisk box and are having trouble with the new kernel you will need to boot the original kernel for now until a new zaptel is released from i think, i could be wrong. heres how to fix your asterisk boxs’ though if youve already […]