Disable accelerators feature in IE8

To disable accelerators in IE8 (stop the blue arrow when high lighting text) perform the following steps 1. Start Internet Explorer 8. 2. Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced 3. Then uncheck the box for Display Accelerator button on selection, under Browsing. 4. Click Apply and OK.

Microsoft blocked from selling Word

In a giant decision 13th August 2009, a federal district court judge has ruled against Microsoft, and told the software company it must stop selling the extremely popular Word word processing software in the United States. The victor company, i4i, has only 30 employees but claims Microsoft violated a patent pertaining to Extensible Markup Language […]

Microsoft discontinues Encarta

Microsoft is shutting down its Encarta encyclopedia Web sites and will also discontinue its Student and Premium Encarta software products. “The category of traditional encyclopedias and reference material has changed,” reads a note explaining the move on the MSN Encarta Web site. “People today seek and consume information in considerably different ways than in years […]

Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 8

The Mix09 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (March 18-20), which caters to both designers and web developers alike, has been chosen as the setting for Microsoft’s next-generation Web browser launch, Internet Explorer 8. The launch follows the release of Silverlight beta and Expression Blend 3, a web design and prototyping tool preview. Microsoft shows signs […]

Microsoft sues TomTom over patent claims

Microsoft on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against TomTom, accusing the navigation company of infringing on a number of patents. The dispute involves eight individual patents, with three relating to the use of a Linux kernel. Microsoft claims to have engaged the Dutch company for more than a year, attempting to negotiate a licensing agreement for […]

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows

Microsoft has violated European competition law by including Internet Explorer with Windows, according to the European Commission. The Commission said other browsers are prevented from competing with IE because Windows includes Microsoft’s own browser. Furthermore, the remedies put in place under the US government’s landmark 2002 antitrust settlement does not make IE’s inclusion with Windows […]

Microsoft temporarily removes Windows 7 Beta download limit

Good news, Windows 7 fanatics — Microsoft has decided to nix that 2.5 million download limit in order to a) calm everyone down and b) enable its servers to relax just a wee bit. After the Windows 7 Beta download was launched, it took just hours to bring the servers to a screeching halt as […]

Microsoft poised to announce job losses

Microsoft is preparing to announce the first widescale layoffs in its 32-year history, with up to 15,000 jobs at risk, according to some predictions. Speculation about job cuts was triggered by a report from Fudzilla, the technology blog site, which said that employees had been told that the software group was “readying major layoffs to […]

Remove all of the formatting within your document

There may be instances when you need to remove all of the formatting within your document or remove all of the formatting for a specific block of text. You could click Select All from the File menu and then change the formatting to Normal. However, there is an even easier way to remove the formatting. […]