Power Play Riiflex For The Wii

Wii owners who are looking forward to yet another interesting peripheral this summer can check out the Riiflex from Power Play – this pair of dumbbells actually intend to build your musles while you wave the Wiimote around, weighing in at 2-pounds each for $35. The Riiflex not only works with any game on the […]

Nintendo DSi Now Avail for Pre Order

For those that would like to get there pre orders in for the DSi I have included some links The Price @ any of these sites is £149.99 plus delivery with some Pre Order Links Amazon UK Black Pre Order Amazon Uk White Pre Order Argos (Free Accessory Pack with this one) Play.com (with Free […]

Nintendo DSi Arriving April 5th in the US

Nintendo’s DSi, out now in Japan, has finally been slated for US release on April 5th for $170 UPDATE The Nintendo DSi will be released across Europe on Friday April 3 reports suggest it’ll be closer to the £149 mark

YouTube heads to the Wii and Playstation 3

YouTube has enjoyed tremendous success, but like all superstars, things can get lonely at the top. It’s a service that’s been stuck on the computer. The internet to be exact. Sure, it gets tons of hits, lots of people enter it’s doors every day. But it gets lonely. People just watch and post their videos. […]