15.2 megapixel Sony Alpha A800 DSLR rumored

At this point, it’s remarkably tough to say how legitimate these claims are, and while we’d wholeheartedly recommend digesting these details with a dose of NaCl, we’d be shortchanging you to not pass ’em on. According to a curious post over at Photofan.jp, Sony is readying an Alpha A800 DSLR (mockup pictured) with a 15.2 […]

YouTube heads to the Wii and Playstation 3

YouTube has enjoyed tremendous success, but like all superstars, things can get lonely at the top. It’s a service that’s been stuck on the computer. The internet to be exact. Sure, it gets tons of hits, lots of people enter it’s doors every day. But it gets lonely. People just watch and post their videos. […]