O2 USB Modem Settings for Billion 7402GX

If you have one of the O2 USB Modem E160 then you can use it as a 3g fallover modem with the Billion 7402GX You will need the following firmware installed 5.53.s5 And these are the settings APN: m-bb.02.co.uk Username: o2bb Password: password and PAP

USB Robot Flash Drive

The USB Robot comes in a 1GB capacity and in the colors green, black, and blue. Just yank his head apart from the body and plug the little guy into your computer. When you transfer files to him, his little eyes will light up! Read more … via [Chip Chick]

LaCie MicroSD-Reading USB Keys

PassKey, iamaKey, and itsaKey are the new LaCie’s new USB keys. They can connect microSD-20MB/s reads and 10MB/s writes-with the last two adding 4GB or 8GB storage. No info on price or availability. [Engadget]

Gold Bars USB Flash Drive

With banks in financial crisis, many are saying that putting your money in gold is the safest investment these days. But what about your data? Is gold a good place to put your data? Maybe we should all be living it up Trump-style and walk around with gold bars USB flash drives for our data […]

Ultra Fast USB Key from Buffalo

The Buffalo RUF2-RVS series USB Thumb-key is currently available in 4, 8 or 16GB of storage capacity. It is the SLC type memory card that can achieve transfer speed up to 38MB/sec. If you want a larger capacity, then you can choose the RUF2-LVS series Thumb-key which is available up to 32GB but offer only […]

Mistake when asking for a picture cake

We like geek cakes ’round these parts, as evidenced by our not one, but two compilations of geek cakes. But if you want a custom cake from a bakery, you better be specific about what it is that you want. Otherwise you end up with cake fail. So check out this funny incident. Some guy […]

Mini USB Construction Site

Wiz of Japan has come up with something wacky this time around yet again – the Mini USB Construction Site. It clearly sends the signal to other colleagues of yours to leave your work space alone instead of rummaging through your belongings to look for office stationery like paperclips and pens. The entire Mini USB […]

Popcorn Hour – Netwrok Media Tank – Wireless USB

  The following USB adaptors should work with the wireless on the Popcornhour TP Link TL-WN620G – 802.11b/g USB2.0 AR5005UG Super G D-Link DWL-G132 Wireless USB Adapter AirplusXtreme G(tm) Netgear WPN111 RangeMax WPN111 Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter WG111T 108Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter TRENDnet TEW-444UB – 108Mbps 802.11g Wireless USB Adapter     All of […]