Power Play Riiflex For The Wii

Wii owners who are looking forward to yet another interesting peripheral this summer can check out the Riiflex from Power Play – this pair of dumbbells actually intend to build your musles while you wave the Wiimote around, weighing in at 2-pounds each for $35. The Riiflex not only works with any game on the […]

Nintendo Wii and DS dominate game charts in 2008

Nintendo is talking up the numbers just released by the NPD Group that talk about the gaming market in 2008. According to NPD, the Nintendo Wii and DS game systems were the most popular systems, by a long way, during 2008. NPD says the Wii accounted for 55% of all next generation console sales in […]

YouTube heads to the Wii and Playstation 3

YouTube has enjoyed tremendous success, but like all superstars, things can get lonely at the top. It’s a service that’s been stuck on the computer. The internet to be exact. Sure, it gets tons of hits, lots of people enter it’s doors every day. But it gets lonely. People just watch and post their videos. […]