Place Windows Live Messenger in the System Tray on Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 keeps the Windows Live Messenger icon on the Taskbar instead of moving to the system tray. If you want it off of your Taskbar so that it behaves like it did before, you can easily place it on the system tray, giving you more room on your Taskbar for other applications […]

Windows 7 Pre orders start friday

Microsoft Corp. announced pricing for its upcoming Windows 7 operating system, and the best deal you can get is $49.99. That’s if you pre-order Windows 7 from Microsoft. The Redmond-based company announced today that pre-ordering will start Friday and run through July 11. Microsoft will also launch on Friday its Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program, […]

Microsoft temporarily removes Windows 7 Beta download limit

Good news, Windows 7 fanatics — Microsoft has decided to nix that 2.5 million download limit in order to a) calm everyone down and b) enable its servers to relax just a wee bit. After the Windows 7 Beta download was launched, it took just hours to bring the servers to a screeching halt as […]

Rush for Windows 7 downloads overwhelms Microsoft servers

Microsoft’s mighty servers were overwhelmed on Friday as computer users worldwide rushed to download a free test version of a Windows 7 operating system being groomed to succeed Vista. A virtual queue formed on the Internet in the hours before the planned release of Windows 7 “beta” software at noon local time in Microsoft’s headquarters […]