If you are in the UK and want the MDI option on you new Skoda Yeti then as of June 2010 its still not available.


So if you are in the UK and want to connect your IPOD like the rest of the right hand drive world then your out of luck unless you retro fit the MDI your self or get someone to fit it for you.

There is a tray for the MDI connector to fit in but it only fits a left hand drive car.Yeti MDI tray

Its hard to see in this picture

but it is handed

it has more of a curve on one side than the other

You will also need access to a vag-com unit if you dont want any errors on your onboard computer (This is not essential)

So I decided to install in the top tray and just in case somthing went wrong I purchase another top tray.

Parts List:
You need to get hold of one of these 5N0035342B


it comes with one of these


First thing is first if you break somthing on your car following this advice then I take no responsability if you dont feel comfortable with doing any of these steps then abandon the project and live with out the MDI.

Top Tray removal

Screw location

Yeti - Top Tray Screw Location

You will then need to cut a hole in the tray for the MDI connector to fit into below is how mine looked when completed. The hole was cut with a dremel

IMG_0379 IMG_0375

One you have done the above next you will need to remove the trim around the Radio on the dash

Yeti - Trim removed from dash

Remove the 4 Torx holding the head unit in

now as you slide the unit out all we are looking to do is connect


This cable into the rear of the Head Unit if you look on the rear of the head unit you will see the quadlock connector you will need to unplug that then plug this into the rear of the unit then plug the origional cable into this lead.

Next you will need to pass the other end up to the top compartment and then plug it into the MDI as you can see from the picture below I decided to wrap the MDI in a bit of bubble wrap and just place it under the top tray. Its not in the way and there are no rattles and the space is just the correct size.

Once you have plug all of the connectors in give it a quick test and if all working ok refit.

VAG Coding:

The simplest way to do this is to start the vag-com software.
Press select on the select control module
Then select 19 Can gateway
select the installation screen then scroll down the list and select 2E and then save
All this will do is stop any errors about the module not coded correctly funny thing though it works fine with out doing this

The official installation sheet states the following

Coding the multimedia plug MEDIA-IN

Connect a vehicle diagnostis measurement and information system to the vehicle
select the operation mode “Self-diagnostics”
select the following menu points one after another

  • 19 Diagnostic interface databus
  • 007 Coding (service $1A)
  • 2E Media player